What Others Say

Note from Erin Barnhart, Founder & President: I am fortunate to be part of a global network of professionals in the field of civic engagement. Several of my colleagues have graciously offered recommendations of my work below and I am happy to provide additional references upon request. Please note that in the event that I am not the best fit for your project, I am happy to recommend someone who would serve your needs better.

“Erin Barnhart is one of the most knowledgable people about volunteer management in the world.  And her knowledge of the many ways to use cutting edge technology to enhance an organization’s ability to involve volunteers is without peer.” 
Rick Lynch, President, Lynch Associates

“Erin Barnhart brings to her consulting work four key qualities or dimensions:  her remarkable thinking and conceptualization abilities; her emotional and social intelligence and its value in client relationships; her deep subject matter expertise in the world of volunteer engagement and altruism; and her witty, kind and positive personality and presence.  I’ve led efforts with Erin, presented with her, relied on her, sought her advice – and I cannot recommend her more highly.”
Karen Heller Key, Former Vice President for Programs, National Human Services Assembly

“Simply said, Erin is one of the most outstanding professionals that one could have the pleasure of working with. She is mission-driven and exudes high standards. Her enthusiasm is contagious and her exemplary work ensures that everything she touches is extremely successful. I recommend Erin without hesitation.”
Steven C. Rosenthal
Founder & Former Executive Director, Cross-Cultural Solutions

“Erin has a deep and broad knowledge of the field of volunteer resources management as well as the ability to identify and articulate organizational issues. She gets to the heart of the matter and offers helpful solutions to challenging situations.
Nancy A. Gaston, CVA, Gifts Differing

“Erin is a terrific resource on volunteer administration – she has an encyclopedic knowledge of the field, knows the trends, the most recent research in volunteerism, and the frontiers of best practices in managing a volunteer workforce. A fair warning to audiences listening to Erin speak: sharpen your pencils, because Erin’s rapid-fire delivery is packed with great information and you’ll want to retain it all.”
Renee Irvin, Ph.D.
University of Oregon
Associate Professor and Associate School Head, Department of Planning, Public Policy and Management
Director, Master of Nonprofit Management Program and Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management Program

“Erin knows valuable resources and partners when she sees them and knows how to immediately make a connection with such. Her materials regarding international volunteering are top notch, very well researched and realistic, and our presenting together on the subject got me thinking differently about such (and I’m rather set in my ways). No one understands online community engagement better than Erin, who also clearly understands how to deliver a message to a live, onsite audience as well. She knows how to challenge paradigms and how to put lofty ideas into practice. She’s a strong asset to whatever organization she’s a part of; I would think highly of any organization or company that has her on board.”
Jayne Cravens
Consultant/Owner, Coyote Communications

“Erin Barnhart is one of the most knowledgeable and practical advocates for global volunteerism I have worked with as a college career and community service administrator. Because of her, our collaboration was well-organized, thoughtfully structured, and a huge success!”
Will Simpkins
Senior Director, Center for Career & Professional Development
John Jay College of Criminal Justice

“Erin’s talents and gifts are deep and broad. She is fueled by her immense intellect which is informed by her profound humanity. A natural and authentic leader, Erin’s management and organizational skills demonstrate an ability to listen, interpret, and create inclusive plans of action that lead to organizational and personal capacity building. She is a role model who communicates high expectations and then works to move herself and others to achieve beyond what is thought possible.She is a risk taker, in a calculated way, and has uncompromisable ethics supported on a foundation of well examined and clearly articulated values. Her empathic abilities are enhanced by her social courage and her willingness to be vulnerable and open to agents of change. She puts others at ease with quick wit and a generous sense of humor. Erin is the ‘real deal’.”
Carlton Rounds
Founder, Volunteer Positive

“Erin demonstrates the methodical leadership, strategic vision, and genuine commitment to service necessary for true effectiveness in the not-for-profit sector. Working with her on an international advisory board and numerous collaborative efforts, I recognized the unique respect organizations have for her range of ideas and connections.”

Dahm Choi
Former Public Service Adviser, Harvard University